California-made galvanized water storage tanks in any color with optional interior epoxy

We offer a variety of colors and manufacture for rugged impact-resistant one-piece seamless designs with UV inhibitors added for longer tank life. 

  • Order your galvanized storage tanks with optional interior epoxy coating. 
  • We can also provide optional water level gauges, up to 4-inch fittings, and gravel rings for seating the tank. 
  • Our tanks and accessories are non-corrosive. 
  • We deliver most orders within a week to 10 days from the time of the order.
  • We deliver anywhere in California, even in rugged backcountry!
  • Need a tank in another state? Call us for pickup arrangements!
epoxy coating and custom paint on water tank
Custom paint on water tanks.

Painting and Epoxy

Custom painting your galvanized water storage tank

The type of external painting depends on the location and environmental conditions experienced by the tank. The proper type of paint varies based on humidity, aridity, snowfall, temperature variance, and other factors.

Choosing the interior epoxy coating

An optional epoxy coating is also available for the tank’s interior. The material used is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation in accordance with the ANSI/NSF Standard for potable water contact. 

Each tank is different, and A1 Tank Services can provide expert recommendations for your storage tank coating and painting needs.

Common Questions

Using the appropriate internal epoxy coating for a water storage tank that provides drinking water is highly advisable. The epoxy coatings used by A-1 Tank are NSF/ANSI certified for potable water. A coating that receives this certification has gone through a rigorous testing process. 

Additionally, internal epoxy coatings help protect the tank from the acidic or alkaline pH conditions that are natural to the water source. A galvanized water storage tank has a lifespan of up to 50 years. The epoxy interior coating extends that lifespan for many more years.

Some people choose to not paint the exterior because they like the aesthetics of the unpainted galvanized metal. But, the truth is that painting the exterior protects the tank from the sun’s UV rays, rain, and other weather events. A well-made galvanized water storage tank can last up to 50 years. The extra layer of protection extends that lifespan and adds to the resale value of the property. The right color blends the tanks in with the surrounding structures, and the natural landscaping, meets any other aesthetic need. 

We are happy to paint your tanks in almost any color you want. 

Contact us to find out more about external painting and internal epoxy coating.