Our products are California-made galvanized tanks for water storage and more!

Our tanks are manufactured for a variety of purposes and welded for strength using an advanced automatic wire feeding process. The increased time efficiency means we provide a superior product at a very competitive price.

A-1 Tank LLC manufactures galvanized water storage tanks for water and a variety of other needs. 

  • Our steel tanks range in size from 1000 to 20,000 gallons. 
  • We offer vertical, flat-bottom, open-top containment tanks in a variety of shapes and sizes. 
  • We also custom-make water troughs to your specifications.
  • We manufacture and sell both above-ground and underground steel water storage tanks.
  • We serve all of California and the nation. We deliver anywhere in California. 
water tank product from A-1 Tank LLC.

Clients have different water tank needs!

Our customers include homeowners, agriculture, ranches, farms, vineyards, public agencies, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire), and other wilderness and open space management agencies. 

  • Do you need a tank in a hard-to-reach spot? Don’t worry, we can deliver it. 
  • Do you have a special need other than water storage? Ask us.
  • We can provide water level gauges.
  • We can provide gravel rings for seating the tank. The rings come in 5-foot sections and are bolted and staked at each junction. We ship UPS with prompt 2-day service.
  • We can make tanks with any number of pipe fittings up to 4 inches NPT in any location you need at no additional cost. 
water tank product being delivered by A-1 Tank LLC
We deliver tanks throughout all of California.

Common Questions

Galvanized water storage tanks are excellent for rainwater collection. We include the appropriate exterior paint with every tank that extends the usefulness far beyond plastic collection systems. We can optionally apply an epoxy interior coating for added preservation. 

Using graywater (also known as non-potable water), the water from showering, bathing, and laundry, is becoming a popular method for lawns and other landscaping. Galvanized water storage tanks are an economical way to store graywater until it is needed for landscape watering. 

  • Private and public golf courses, notorious for heavy water use are migrating to recycled water. 
  • The Energy & Environment Building Alliance (EEBA) estimates that a family of three can save 18,700 gallons of water annually by recycling their graywater. 
  • According to a study from the University of California Center for Landscape & Urban Horticulture, landscape irrigation accounts for about 50% of annual residential water use statewide. 
  • Recycled water is gaining popularity with ornamental plant nurseries because of the cost and environmental savings. 

Yes. Storing potable water in galvanized water storage tanks is an option that many choose. Our tanks can provide a water source in the event of a pump or well failure. We also provide the interior epoxy lining to keep water safe for drinking.

Few auxiliary pumping systems are sufficient enough for a continuing supply while a pump is being repaired, and not useful at all if the well fails. A sufficiently sized galvanized water storage tank from A-1 Tank is an extra layer of protection in the event of a pump or well failure. 

Galvanized water storage tanks are also useful for other circumstances, including:

  • Remote wilderness camping, RV, and off-road vehicle areas where fresh drinking water isn’t readily available.
  • Providing water for livestock in the event of a pump failure or a natural disaster.
  • Wilderness experiences where fresh water may not be readily available. A-1 Tank supplies water storage tanks for private and public wilderness adventures.
  • Fire suppression anywhere. 

Don’t see the size or capacities storage tank you’re looking for or need a different size? No Problem! Contact us today we’ll give you a quote.